Samstag, 2. Januar 2010


its our little Saphiro enjoying the sun..
my little cats will be to see here on most of the pictures i think!
Love them so much!


bentonflocke hat gesagt…

geniales Foto - Farbe und Perspektive gefallen mir super super gut!

lis hat gesagt…

Those eyes are deeper than an ocean, one can drown in them. Hey, babe, sign of life, tell the girls I will be alright. I wont have internet access for a while, as it seems, but I will be around.
Miss you loads, enjoy the boys, they are friggin gorgeous!
(and I know how gut- wrenching this kinda love can be, you want to hold them so close they can never escape, their little heartbeats pounding like drums in your ears, every little breath like thunder and the world seems too small to hold so many emotions. Penny did this to me, and it is so precious that it lasts forever.) I never felt that way about a human being, it must be those velvet paws sneaking their way into our souls!

Daniela hat gesagt…

Das ist ja schonmal ein toller Anfang....super Fotos und es ist so schön, dass du dich für die Katzen entschieden hast!
Hab dich gerade bei mir velinkt (c:

Zauberfee hat gesagt…

WOW..wunderschönes Foto!

Heike hat gesagt…

Wow, das Foto ist klasse!!!!

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