Mittwoch, 23. September 2009

yeeeeahhh - happy winner

Kimla was giving away her new kit to some lucky girls on her blog and i tried it of course...
and today i found my name on the winners list... yeeeah - i am a really really lucky girl!

this is what i won - isn`t it just amazing? I can`t wait to play!

and that`s not all - i won the whole collection!
Here are previews:

You can buy this fantastic goodies at her store @ A5D (don`t forget to check her blog for a coupon before ! )

wish you all a wonderful evening !

1 Kommentar:

bentonflocke hat gesagt…

boah hast Du ein Glück!!! Gratuliere und viel Spaß beim Verscrappen!!

Schaut super klasse aus!!

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